The Roaring Twenties


Women wanted to be small and thin. They wanted smaller breast  and a straight figure. They started to show off their legs during the 1920s. Their dresses would be sleeveless and nothing higher than the knees. The dresses would be baggy so that their cruves would be hiden. They would wear very bright colors with fringers and beading.   The hair style was bobbed hair-cut with curled at the forward towards the ear and spilt through the middle.



This was the time that families would be able to buy a car. Cars were becoming more efficient and safer for people to drive. Roads were being changed so that cars can drive smoothly. Cars were changing people’s lifes they were now able to travel as they please.


The 1920s interior was very glamourouse. The style would have a lot of shiny fabrics, mirror tiles and chrome. There would be a lot of geometric and angualar shapes.. interior_view_of_22el_alisal22_the_home_of_charles_f-_lummis_ca-1920-1929_chs-1426


Gloria Swanson she was in many movie during this time. She was in Sunset Bouleard, Sadie Thompson, Queen Kelly and many more.



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